Ellenor Frutt

Ellenor is tough, smart and strictly business when it comes to lawyering.  she's the kind of woman you'd want fighting on your side because she can get down and dirty if need be.  She's not afraid to speak her mind, and once her mind is set on something, there's no changing it.

Ellenor doesn't crap from anyone, especially when she doesn't deserve it.  She is a very impassioned lawyer, and occasionally has gone to extreme lengths to get clients off.  She fights for those she believes in, and stands by them even when circumstances make that difficult.

Ellenor has insecurities too, especially in regard to her personal life.  She can be very vulnerable, and has struggled with the moral conflicts that arise from her occupation.  She hates some of the things she does to get her client off, but what scares her most is that she does them without thinking.

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