Helen Gamble

Helen is the in-demand ADA, and one of the most successful at beating those at Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt.

She's Lindsay's best friend and former roommate, one of Bobby's many ex's and Ellenor's current roommate, so her ties to DYD&F are numerous.  In fact, on occasion these close ties have been used against them in the courtroom, with information divulged in confidence becoming the key piece of evidence in the corresponding trial.

Although Helen seems to be one tough cookie, she has her soft side.  In the end of the third season and through the fouth season Helen's vulnerability has been revealed many times, with the pressures of not being able to get all the bad guys in prison almost driving her to a nervous breakdown.  She has begun to doubt her job and herself, and in resolving this, she is opening up and showing the inner levels of her personality.

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