James (Jimmy) Berluti
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Jimmy Berluti is the 'teddy bear' of Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt. Always the underdog, Jimmy is the only lawyer at the firm who isn't a partner, even though it's only because of his lack of experience. Jimmy's not the best lawyer, but he is much  better than when he first joined the firm.

Jimmy's the lawyer with the biggest heart, taking the cases that touch him, like the community stricken with cancer. Previously known (and advertised) as 'Jimmy the Grunt', Jimmy has had to struggle to get over a less than flattering reputation.

Jimmy has had to grow both professionally and personally.  Whether it was dealing with his mother's admittance she was gay or staying in the firm's background while others took the forefront, Jimmy has pulled his weight. A prime example of this was his spectacular win for the firm in the liability suit against them led by Tommy Silva.

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