Kelli Williams

Kelli Williams made her feature film debut in director Floyd Mutrux's "There Goes My Baby", opposite Dermot Mulroney and Noah Wyle.  She later appeared in the independent film, "E=MC2", with Jeremy Piven.

Williams currently protrays Lindsay in "The Practice", and was a seried regular on the television drama, "New York News", with Mary Tyler Moore, where she played an eager and ambitious journalist.  She has starred in movies for television, including "The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story", Ron Silver's "Lifepod", as well as "For Their Own Good", opposite Elizabeth Perkins and Laura San Giacomo.  She was most recently seen in the critically acclaimed telefilm, "Mary and Tim", with Candice Bergen.  In addition, she has guest starred on numerous series, including "Law and Order", "Party of Five", "Sisters", and "Civil Wars".

A Los Angeles native, Williams currently resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband, who is a writer.

Information taken from ABC's "The Practice" site

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