Lindsay Dole
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Lindsay Dole is a constitutional lawyer who, in her first case, locked horns with her mentor from law school and a multi-million dollar tobacco company and won. Since then, she hasn't looked back. Well-educated and ambitious, Lindsay is one of the firm's main money makers. She's even pulled them out of bankruptcy in the second season by taking nothing but the drugs cases that she hates so much. She has a great reputation, and has on more than one occasion, been the driving force behind most of the firm's changes.

Because of Lindsay's great reputation, the District Attorneys Office would love to have her on their side, and she would probably like the work of a DA much more, but she's stays at Donnell, Young, Dole and Frutt because her friends are there, and she's in love with Bobby. Lindsay's personal life did not seem the best in the first/second season. She had an on again off again boyfriend in Chris Kelton, who drugged her in an attempt to get her into bed, and a passionate, yet secret, affair with Bobby. In the third season, however, things were looking up, with another, not secret this time, affair with Bobby, which resulted in the touching proposal in the third season finale.

Lindsay is very close friends with Helen. They went to law school together, and shared an apartment in the third season until Lindsay left to move in with Bobby. This friendship, which has on occasion been volatile, is very important to both Lindsay and Helen, with both supporting each other through the problems involved in their line of work.

Lindsay may look young and naive, but in reality, she's anything but. She knows the ins and outs of the law and holds fast to legal ethics. She's had her problems, but she's never hesitated to meet them head on.

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