Lucy Hatcher

Lucy is the resident "one-woman army", brought in to replace Rebecca after she completed night school.  She's young, spunky and opinionated, and speaks her mind.  She acts tough, and didn't let the initial hostility of the firm get her down.

Lucy's strength was put to the test in the end of the third season, when she discovered her superintendant had planted a camera in her bathroom and was broadcasting the tapes over the internet.  The firm rallied round and supported her, and she made it through, but not without showing certain vulnerabilities and a complete other side to her character.

EAlthough she intially wasn't a welcome improvement to the team at DYD&F, she has since become almost indispensable, accompanying them interstate on a number of cases.  Lucy has also learnt to control her opinions, she know only lets them go when the preson in question needs to hear it.

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