Marla Sokoloff

Marla Sokoloff was born and raised in San Francisco, but has spent the past five years living in Los Angeles persuing her dream of becoming an actor.  With much encouragement from her family, Marla began acting at the age of seven performing in local theater.  Marla attended Los Angeles County High School of the Arts were she studied theater and music.

LShe has won numerous awards for her singing and has performed the National Anthem for the Oakland A's and the USO.  At the age of twelve, Marla landed a recurring role on ABC's "Full House".  With her success on that show came guest spots on such shows as ABC's "Step by Step" and "Boy Meets World".  One of her other television works was as the recurring character, Jody, on the critically acclaimed series "Party of Five".  Marla's film credits include starring roles in "The Crime", with Alicia Silverstone and as Cokie in "The Baby-sitter's Club".  Marla recently completed filming "The Climb" in New Zealand opposite John Hurt. She is also in the upcoming movie "Whatever It Takes".  She now plays Lucy, the spunky legal secretary on "The Practice".  Marla lives in Los Angeles and enjoys writing music, gymnastics, swimming, ice skating and rollerblading.

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