Rebecca Washington

Rebecca is one of the two original members of Bobby's firm.  She's been with him from the beginning, and can always be counted on to take Bobby in hand should he need it.  She's got eyes everywhere, and always seems to know exactly what's going on within the firm at all times.  Though she's no longer the legal secretary, Rebecca is the one with her finger always on the pulse.

Since she graduated from night school as a lawyer, Rebecca has been desperate for experience-building cases, taking almost any court-appointed case offered to her.  Thanks to these, she's seen her fair share of riffraff and scum, but is determined to do her best regardless of her client's background.  She's definately not faint-hearted, willingly going undercover to expose an insurance fraud operation, and braving death threats to testify against a gas station shooter.

Like the others, Rebecca has a soft side, and is passionate about the protection of animals.  This passion was recognised in the early seasons and she was awarded a Basset Hound Award from the Save our Animals Association.  Just as important to her as animal rights is her friends.  She was the first to intervene when Bobby and Lindsay were going through their "wedding jitters" stage, and made Bobby show just how much he loved Lindsay.  She also helped arrange their "surprise elopement".  Without a doubt, Rebecca is a valuable member of DYD&F.

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